QUestions And Answers

Will Seven-Star Praying Mantis make me better at fighting?

Seven-Star will improve multiple aspects of your fighting abilities. The stance , form, and power training will increase your ability to attack and counter effectively as well as the body's strength and speed.The hands and legs are used together to block, intercept, and create openings to attack. Striking and gripping are used at vital points of the body to incapacitate the opponent in dangerous situations.

How is grappling used in Seven-Star Praying Mantis?

Each technique is used for immediate effect. Grappling is not prolonged but is focused on using existing force from the opponent to rapidly attack the joints of the body at different points. Additional attacking methods such as strikes, kicks, and sweeps are used in concert to break through and overwhelm the opponent.

How much attacking power does using Seven-Star Praying Mantis give me?

The system can be used to develop great attack force. Power is trained at the waist, shoulder, elbow, wrists, and fingers. This allows the body to be used in part and as a whole to generate force. Inch power is developed as well over a long period of hard training.

In addition to that, hardening exercises are used for the arms, hands, and legs.

Does Seven-Star Praying Mantis use weapons?

Yes, many including the staff, spear, hook swords, broad sword, straight sword, and three sectional staff.

What are some skills trained in Seven-Star Praying Mantis?

Seven star will train you to be aware of the opponent's distance, position, and direction of attack. The attacking methods utilize quick changes in direction and area of attack to push through defenses.

The hands and legs are used together and attacks flow continuously. When a defensive method disrupts an attack, another technique is used immediately until the other fighter's defenses are broken through.

If you have more questions, contact us and come try a class to find out more.