QUestions And Answers

What makes Wing Chun different from other martial arts?

Wing Chun uses Chi-Sao(Sticky Hands) training to teach students to develop their skills at finding and correcting weaknesses in technique. This training is done with a partner so each person is constantly learning in a hands-on way - testing and refining their fighting skills.

It was originallly developed for fighting against stronger opponents. The idea is that force is not directly countered with more force but with redirection, utilizing trapping, and pressing skills developed from Chi-Sao practice. Power is also developed to be utilized in short distances allowing use in flexible applications.

Does Wing Chun generate less power with it's punches?

No. Even though the punches are short, a large amount of power can be generated. The student has to train to develop this short distance power. Sifu Jacque witnessed Sifu Lun Kai dent a steel water tank with a single hit.

Is Wing Chun weak against grappling and ground fighting?

The idea is to avoid the ground in the first place. Fighting on the ground with one person can mean getting hit by everyone else still on their feet. Wing Chun doesn't try to fight force wastefully. If the opponent has more power, pushing against it will only dissipate your own energy. We stick to the opponent and find their line of force and use that same line against them. The unaware opponent that doesn't change quickly enough will have their force used against them.

If someone tries to grab you, adjust quickly and use that power to attack again. If they do grab you, use a change of direction that they do not expect to break loose and attack simultaneously. This is where practice and sensitivity come together. Ideally, avoid being grabbed and meeting the ground. Be more skilled to overcome the tactics of the other side.

How long will it take me to learn?

Wing Chun was designed to train a warrior in a short amount of time. It will take time to accomplish proficiency. This really depends on the student, and the time and dedication they put into studying this martial art. We encourage students to investigate each part of the system as fully as they can and to challenge themselves so that they can realize their full potential.

If you have more questions, contact us and come try a class to find out more.